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Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia, May 18

IAIN Bangka Belitung Shows the Future of Teachers is Bright!

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150 future teachers attended our workshop at IAIN Bangka Belitung. The students, all from the university's English teaching department, brought high energy from beginning to end, participating actively by singing, collaborating, and sharing their stories. The future of teachers in Bangka Belitung is bright!


Phnom Penh, Cambodia, January 20, 2024

We collaborated with the NTC Training Center and Sovannaphumi School to lead a workshop for four hundred teachers. Sovannaphumi School is a K-12 school with over thirty campuses around Cambodia. The workshop focused on the transformative role of AI in shaping future educational practices and emphasized the necessity for educators to acquire the skills to design original lessons built around their personal experiences and stories. 


Tangerang, Indonesia, January 26, 2024

We partnered with Atlaz to lead an online workshop for two hundred teachers from across Indonesia. Atlaz is an education-technology startup with a mission to revolutionize English learning throughout Indonesia by improving learning materials and teaching methods. The workshop focused on how using personal photos and stories alongside AI can help teachers develop unique lessons that meet CEFR standards. 

Up Coming Workshops

Kediri, Indonesia, February 7, 2024 

Promoting Wellbeing in the the English Language Classroom

Jakarta, Indonesia, February 13, 2024 

Everyone Has a Story

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