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Writing and Self-Expression: Dear World

By Sarah Regn, U.S.A.

40 minutes

Lesson Plan


  1. Ask students if they have ever written a letter. What did you say? Was it meaningful? 

  2. Tell students that letters or messages express ideas, information, memories, or feelings. Explain that today we will be writing not to one person, but to the world, centered on a project called “Dear World.”

  3. Show examples of messages you can tell the world by showing pictures of “Dear World” from the website or video (Example: “be kind to your neighbor”.) 

  4. Ask students to reflect on the question, “If you could tell the world ANYTHING, what would it be?” Remind students “Dear World” ideas need to be short, direct, and something you feel connected to/comfortable sharing. Explain that the message will not be written as a formal letter, but as a meaningful phrase on their body (ex: arms, face).

  5. Help students brainstorm their “Dear World” ideas with their classmates and write their short message on a piece of paper or on a white board.

  6. Ask students to take turns helping their classmates write and organize their “Dear World” message on a part of their body (or on a piece of paper).

  7. Lastly, have students share their ideas and take a picture or make a video of the “Dear World” messages created.


  • Use modeled examples ( and show students examples of how to pose. Always model appropriate places to write the messages. 

  • Have pieces of paper or whiteboards ready in case students don’t want to write on their bodies. 

  • Display student messages on a bulletin board or make a “Dear World” booklet for students.

  • You can expand this activity by writing an actual letter to the world.



Teacher: Sarah Regn, U.S.A.

After receiving her Masters in Elementary/Special Education, Sarah accepted a Fulbright Scholarship and taught in Kinmen, Taiwan. She is currently a special education teacher in New Jersey. Sarah has facilitated sessions for Mangrove’s Teachers’ Co-op and Future Teachers’ Co-op.

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