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Warm-up: Close-Up Photography

By Yuta Otake, U.S.A / Japan

5 minutes

Lesson Plan


  1. Show students a close-up photograph. Explain that it is a zoomed in photo of something. 

  2. Ask students to discuss their guesses with a partner. 

  3. Ask students to share their guesses with the class. 

  4. Reveal the full photograph.


  • Asking students to discuss their guesses with a partner is an effective way to ensure all of the students can participate actively in the process. 

  • Use photos that are local or relevant to students’ lives to increase engagement. For example, you can take a photo of the local supermarket’s logo.  

  • Do not immediately let the students know when they have the correct guess. Keep encouraging everyone to share their guesses. This allows everyone to speak and builds excitement as they wait for you to reveal the answer. 



Teacher: Yuta Otake, U.S.A / Japan

Yuta is originally from New York. He received his M.A. in TESOL from New York University. He loves traveling and visiting schools in new places.

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