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Kinesthetic: Color and Body Jigsaw

By Eka Sartika, Indonesia

15 minutes

Lesson Plan


  1. Ask students to stand up and explain that they will review colors and parts of the body.

  2. Lead a quick review of colors first. Point to something in the classroom and ask, “What color is that?” Ask students to point to objects in the room with the given colors. “Can you point to something that has the color orange?” 

  3. Do a review of parts of the body. “Everyone, what is this? That’s right, it’s my knee! Everyone, touch your shoulders!” 

  4. When students are comfortable with colors and parts of the body, it is time for the jigsaw.

  5. Explain that the students will be given one color and one part of the body. Their mission is to find something in the classroom with that given color and touch it with the given part of the body. For example, as pictured below, “Black, forehead” or “Blue, elbow!”


  • This is a review activity so make sure your students have already learned colors and parts of the body. It becomes very chaotic if the students are not already comfortable with the vocabulary. 

  • Go outside if your classroom is too small or lacks a variety of colors. 

  • This activity is most suitable for young learners, but it can be adapted to work with different contexts. For example, I used this with my deaf education program, communicating via sign language and written commands. I also use it with my university students as an energizer.


Teacher: Eka Sartika, Indonesia

Born and raised in Palembang, Eka got her Masters in English Education from Sriwijaya University. She has facilitated sessions for Mangrove Education’s Teachers’ Co-op and also directs its Deaf Education program. 

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