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Health Education and Writing: My Dreamy Sandwich

By Roxy Yuling Lin, Taiwan

80 minutes

Lesson Plan


Session 1: 

  1. Divide students into small groups. 

  2. Explain that in the next lesson, they will build their own dreamy sandwiches using five unique ingredients of their choice. 

  3. Ask groups to think, discuss, and write down what each student will bring to school. Emphasize that this is their chance to make their dream sandwich so they should be creative and take risks. Make sure every student knows exactly what they will bring from home for the next lesson. 

  4. It is easiest if the teacher promises to prepare the bread so the students can focus on the ingredients inside their dreamy sandwiches.  

Session 2: 

  1. Guide students to make their own dreamy sandwiches with the ingredients their groups prepared. 

  2. Ask students to taste their sandwiches and complete a worksheet outlining the ingredients they used, their review of the taste, and whether their sandwich is healthy or unhealthy. 

  3. Have students share their experiences with their classmates. Depending on your students’ levels, it helps to provide the following sentence frames: 

  • I used _____ in my sandwich. 

  • It tasted _____. I give my sandwich _____ (thumbs up or thumbs down). 

  • I think my sandwich is _____(healthy or unhealthy).

  • Next time, I will try to use _____ in my sandwich.  


  • Always model each step, especially when it comes to making sandwiches in the classroom. 

  • Inspire your students to create a truly dreamy sandwich, meaning there are no rules. The whole point of this activity is for students to have the opportunity to try something new and think outside of the box. 


Teacher: Roxy Yuling Lin, Taiwan

Roxy is a Sub English Teacher at Badow Elememtary School in Taiwan. She graduated from Minnesota State University at Mankato, USA with a master degree in TESL and is working on her second master's degree in English Education in Keelung, Taiwan. 

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