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Energizer: All My Friends and Neighbors

By Sitorabanu Vokhidova, Uzbekistan

5 Minutes

Lesson Plan


  1. Ask students to form one big circle with their chairs and sit down facing each other. 

  2. Teach the sentence pattern, “All my friends and neighbors who ___ must move.” Give students some examples. “All my friends and neighbors who wear glasses must move.” “All my friends and neighbors who can swim must move.” 

  3. Explain that the leader, the person in the middle of the circle, gives their own sentence and everyone who fits the given characteristics must change their seats. The one person who does not have a seat left becomes the next leader. 

  4. Model a few rounds before allowing students to become leaders. Especially if you are using this as an icebreaker, ask the leaders to introduce themselves first.   


  • There are many variations of this same activity. It can be used as an icebreaker on the first day of school or as an energizer throughout the year. 

  • You can always control the language by providing more specific instructions. “Last week, we studied hobbies. Leaders, please make sentences about hobbies.” 

  • Do not feel discouraged if students are confused or fail to follow instructions. Keep modeling and run it for several rounds. Students will pick it up. 



Teacher: Sitorabanu Vokhidova, Uzbekistan

Sitora is a TESOL certified teacher and teacher trainer. She completed her TESOL course at Arizona State University and holds a Master’s degree from Bukhara State University. She recently returned from Pittsburg State University in the U.S. She has been a facilitator for Mangrove’s Teachers’ Co-op.

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