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Educational Technology: Cheating the Cheats

By Manabu Nagaoka, Japan/U.S.A.

3 sessions, 1 hour each

Lesson Plan


Session 1

  1. Open MangroveAI, and explain its UI. There is a box for the question and submit button, and another box that shows the answer.

  2. Demonstrate how it works by entering a prompt: “Write an essay about the pros and cons of social media.”

  3. Take turns to read the essay and ask students to take notes separating pros and cons for discussion later.

  4. Discuss AI’s answer and compare it with students’ own personal experiences with social media.

  5. Homework: Ask students to access MangroveAI and command it to write an essay about a topic of their choice. Copy the answer and bring it to class. 

Session 2

  1. Ask for a volunteer to present their homework.

  2. Discuss their own homework in pairs and prepare to present to the whole class what they learned from working with MangroveAI.

  3. Take turns and present. Discuss with the whole class about their experience.

  4. Homework: ask students to revise the essay with their personal experiences integrated into it.

Session 3

  1. Ask students to share their take-away from revising their essay, and discuss with a guiding question: “Can AI replace humans?”

  2. Open MangroveAI for the whole class to see. Say that “Imagine that you are applying for a college of your choice, and you are asked to write an essay to persuade the admission officers why you are a good fit for the college. The due date is in a week, and there is not enough time to write it yourself. You decide to ask the AI to write it for you.”

  3. Enter the prompt: “Write an essay about why I am a good fit for (e.g. Harvard University”).

  4. Discuss with the whole class if they would use the AI’s essay and submit that.


  • Teachers or students can pick a topic that matters to them or feels relevant to their circumstance. 

  • Have fun using the AI. Make sure that the students have an understanding of AI’s limits and possibilities, and their responsibilities as individuals to decide how to use it.


Manabu comes with expertise in international coproductions, and ventures in all sectors of the entertainment industry including educational media and technology. He holds an MA in Education/TESOL from New York University and a BA in World Arts and Cultures from University of California, Los Angeles. Manabu is the chief content officer of Mangrove Education. 

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