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Teachers' Co-Op

As teachers, we always need more classroom activities. We also need opportunities to modify and practice new activities before we can effectively use them in our classroom. The Virtual Teacher's Co-op gives teachers a chance to do just that. Teachers from around the world meet every week to share activities, discuss how to modify the activities for their specific contexts and curricula, and practice the activities through micro-teaching with their peers. After every workshop, teachers use the activities in their own classrooms and share their experiences through media and reflections. 


Deaf Education

Led by Eka Sartika and her team of university volunteers, our deaf education program in Palembang, Sumatra, focuses on English communication. Students attend classes on the weekends to learn how to communicate in English. In addition to academics, Mangrove has facilitated numerous events and competitions for the students to learn English in fun ways. We even had a singing day in the park!


Future Teachers' Co-Op

The Future Teachers’ Co-op provides sharing sessions specifically for pre-service teachers. Teaching is not easy! The future teachers’ co-op provides pre-service teachers with practical tips, activities and most importantly, a supportive network of mentors and peers from around the world.

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