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My Husband and I

Updated: May 27

My Husband and I

I was very shy. I didn't like being in public. Even if people made fun of me, I was silent. You know when everything changed? When I met my husband. He was a proud guy. He was very tall. He was 195. And he was so kind.

But he always taught me. If somebody did something bad to you, just pay him back. Do not tolerate this. Why are you silent? Why don't you say this? Why don't you act like this? Why are you so shy? Don't be so shy.


And we used to be friends. We were in one company. We were like having those nice evenings with the guitar, singing songs. It was perfect. And he taught me a lot of things. He taught me. He was my mom.


He was my dad. He was my uncle. He was my grandmother. He was my soulmate. And we were friends at first. But then we became a couple. And actually I didn't have a wedding. We just started living together and that's all.


And I had my stamp in the passport. We had lived for 18 years and then we had like signed the contract in the civil affairs office. We lived together because we wanted to live together. Not because we had a stamp in the passport.


I didn't have babies. I couldn't have babies. And we had a lot of treatment. I had a lot of operations. But nothing could help. And then he became sick. He got cancer. You could talk with him on any topic.


He was like a well -rounded person because he read a lot. Actually he made me into reading. he made me into a lot of things. I was like, you know, I was obsessed with reading. He helped me with my teaching, he like typed my lessons, he found special like pictures, he found videos, he download videos, so he helped me a lot.


So he was my soulmate and he taught me how to behave, how, what kind of person you should be. Just like he explained that if you do like this, people will do like this and he was right. And when he passed away, it was really hard time.


I went into work, I worked 24 seven and that helped me. But you know, when he was ill, he didn't accept that help that people provided him because my students, volunteers, they organized fundraising events, they collected money, we bought a lot of like stuff for him.


medicine a lot of things and he hated me for that because he was a man. Not everyone man will tolerate this. He was a proud man. I stood on my knees and I like begged him. I was crying and I told him like you don't understand me like you think that it's okay for me to stay at home and just like to watch how you are dying.


It's unbearable. It's like I can't tolerate this so you should understand me and then he agreed. He went to India with his niece because she was working for a special company that organized treatment for people like this.


In a week I joined them in India. We had radiotherapy but it was too late. After the new year everything started so he suffered a lot from pain and every day I was just watching how he is dying. I wanted to quit teaching at that time.


I just wanted to stop teaching but the willingness of my students, parents, colleagues and people who knew me all over the world. It made me like think in another way. It made me understand that because I am a teacher, because I changed so many lives, I gave a bright future to some of the students.


I really appreciated my job. I started appreciating being teaching. My husband died in 2019 on the 16th of May and since then I'm becoming more and more much stronger. I'm tired. I can tell you that I am exhausted but I still feel the need that people need to see the person who can motivate them, especially my students.

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