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Earning by Teaching

Earning by Teaching

I thought that teaching earns a lot of money, but in fact in Indonesia especially, it is not. So I kept thinking again and again, “should I continue teaching or not?”  My mom used to teach kindergarten students when my father passed away when I was 10.

She was the only one that raised me at the moment. She started teaching kindergarten students and when I saw her, it inspired me to join her. That's all when I realized that I loved sharing with kids too, like my mom.


My passion in teaching was never been gone, but I have to think, how is it possible that I have to earn more money? At the moment, I guess that I have to keep teaching, but I have to open my own course.


(Q) And if you don't mind me asking, so your first teaching job, how much was the salary?

Around 500K in a month.

(Q) $35 a month.

I have to live my dream and maybe I have to begin my own family. It's pretty impossible to start your own family with that money.


So that's something that makes me confused, worried all the time that should I keep teaching or not. Because my passion in teaching is so big, I really love to see children, many children, especially children, because even though they are so naughty, noisy, always play, walk around, they cannot like just sit down in one spot, it's pretty impossible to do that for children but I really love the interaction between me and the children's and I cannot imagine if I stop teaching actually but that's like the first thing but then I finally encountered that the ways I earned more money.


I opened my own course, there is like a kindergarten, English course, math course … With my facility that I built, it is not really expensive actually but by having around like 200 students in one session, I think it is so promising.


Those two reasons realize me that if we have good intentions, we have good goals to share our knowledge, to help others especially, it will lead us to unexpected experiences. Maybe people realize our intention, people know that we have good goals, good intentions, because when they put their kids in our course, it means that they trust us, right?


They really trust us. So that's maybe the people look at me as a teacher. And I told the teachers in my course that you have to teach 100% to your students, so your students can tell their parents that you are a good teacher.


I never regret having an experience as teachers. These experiences also bring me here, I think, with good intentions, with high passion in teaching, and then if the passion is really teaching, don't stop teaching because it leads you to another experience that you never expected.

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