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Mangrove Community Guidelines(under construction)


Welcome to Mangrove Education's Story Sharing Community, a vibrant space where people from diverse backgrounds come together to create, share, and discover stories. Our mission is to foster a supportive environment that encourages understanding of “ethics” in different contexts, across all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. To maintain a respectful and inspiring atmosphere for everyone, we ask that you adhere to the following Community Guidelines:


Respect Everyone

Our community is diverse, comprising members with varied backgrounds, interests, identities, and experiences. We encourage you to share stories that resonate with you and reflect your identity, and we invite you to celebrate and respect the uniqueness of others. Personal attacks, discrimination, or disrespect towards any individual or group based on their identity, background, or interests are unacceptable.


Prioritize Safety

Your safety is paramount. Please do not share any personal or contact information that could compromise your privacy or lead to direct communication, both online and offline. This includes real last names, phone numbers, addresses, school details, email addresses, social media profiles, or any other private information.


Provide Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a cornerstone of understanding and accepting others. When commenting on a story, focus on providing positive reinforcement, constructive suggestions, and kind criticism. Let's create an environment where everyone feels encouraged to share their stories and grow from the feedback they receive.


Embrace and Respect

If you reference someone else's work, whether it's a story, article, idea, or concept, give them proper credit. By sharing your work in our community, you allow others to use and adapt your content, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect.


Be Authentic and Honest

Honesty builds trust within our community. Engage with others truthfully, acknowledging that behind every account is a real person with feelings and expectations. Impersonation, spreading false information, or engaging in deceitful behavior undermines the integrity of our community.


Maintain a Friendly Environment

Ensure that your contributions—whether stories, comments, or any form of interaction—are appropriate for all ages and do not disrupt the community's harmony. If you encounter content that is mean-spirited, overly violent, or otherwise inappropriate, please use the "Report" feature to alert us, rather than engaging directly. Our team will review the report and take necessary actions to keep our space welcoming and safe.


Data and Information Filtering

Mangrove Education is committed to maintaining the ethical integrity of the content shared within our community. To ensure adherence to our Community Guidelines, we will actively filter and review stories, comments, and any shared information from an ethical perspective. This process helps safeguard the respectful and inspiring environment we strive to cultivate.


Third-Party Engagements

Occasionally, third-party businesses, organizations, or individuals may express interest in the stories or data shared by our community members. In such instances, Mangrove Education reserves the right to discuss the intended use of your stories or data and negotiate terms on your behalf. Our primary aim is to protect your interests and the integrity of the community's shared content.


Should any negotiations with third parties occur, we will make every effort to contact you using the contact information you provided upon joining as a member. This approach ensures that you are informed and, where possible, involved in decisions regarding the use of your contributions outside our community.

By participating in Mangrove Education's Story Sharing Community, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, further supporting our mission to create a safe, respectful, and thriving environment for all members.

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